Your G Suite Security is 2 Simple Steps Away!

google-apps-2-step-verification-2 Passwords have become pretty easy for hackers to steal. In today’s digital landscape, extra protection for your corporate and personal emails are compulsory. Google Apps has unique characteristics that makes it the right solution for more than 5 million companies (and counting). Google’s security culture and protection of data ranges from them being the creators of Chrome (the most secure commercially available Operating System), the OTP (one time password) and, but not limited to custom made databases using technology manufactured by Google itself. Google will never look at your data and is legally bound to keep your data private, it is in Google’s best interest to be trustworthy. You own your data and can pull it out anytime. Canotta Sacramento Kings For companies that “Go Google”, network administrators are provided with extensive security and monitoring tools to secure corporate communications on emails and devices. Nike Air Max 2016 Homme It’s hard for hackers to gain access to a company’s data without the administrator’s permissions. Kyrie Irving All Shoes The two-step verification is one of the best ways to prevent unauthorized access to your accounts, even if somebody manages to steal your password. NIKE FREE 5.0 This verification process is an optional security feature that can be in the form of codes which only the user can receive via their own phone, or via an encrypted signature contained on a security key (more on this below).

How to turn on 2-Step Verification

  1. Sign in to your Google Account and go to your Account Settings page. Then, click “Using 2-step verification.” On the next screen, click “Set up 2-step verification.”
  2. Follow the directions on your screen to choose how to receive 2-step verification codes. Adidas Superstar Femme Blanche You can receive your verification code in an SMS text message, in a voice call to your landline or mobile phone, or by generating a code using the free Google Authenticator app on your Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

These in turn, set up the 2-step verification process. Even if your username and password gets stolen, the account can’t be accessed without the additional code. NIKE ROSHE ONE

Google Authenticator app

It is also possible to generate codes using the Android, iPhone, or a Blackberry aside from a voice call or SMS text message through the use of the Google Authenticator app (even if you don’t have an Internet connection or mobile service). Air VaporMax See here for instructions on how to set up the Google Authenticator app

Enhance your two step security keys

Now with Google Apps for Work, there’s an easier and faster way to keep your information safe with the Security Key, made specifically to fight off phishing scams that can steal your login information. The Security Key is a small key that you insert into your computer and tap. This sends an encrypted code to Google Servers without you having to type anything on your screen. It’s simple, quick and even more secure. To get started, activate 2-step verification in your Google account settings. nike free run 2.0 homme Go to the security keys tab and add a new key by inserting, then tapping your key and prompted. Google Apps admins can better protect their company’s information by simply giving everyone in their organization a Security Key. When employees next sign in, they can enroll and start using the key immediately. Admins can cancel lost keys and disable 2-step verification immediately if needed so that people can still sign in and get work done. To learn more about the YubiKey, see YubiKey Hardware.